Fall Home Maintenance | Fireplace and Chimney Upkeep

Keep fire in its place!

It is important to have your fireplace inspected once a year by a professional to insure your fireplace and chimney are in working order. A professional can tell you If there is anything serious that needs to be fixed.



There are things you can do to maintain your fire place and chimney on your own.

If your fireplace has any brass fixtures, you can use Worcestershire sauce and a toothbrush to clean them. To prevent animals from nesting in your chimney, use a chimney cap. Keep the fire box cleaned out and keep an inch of ash in the bottom, this will help with insulating your fires in the future. It is important that you clean your fireplace consistently with the amount of use that it gets. If you use your fireplace frequently, you may want to clean it once a week, if you don’t use it often, you may want to clean it once a month or so.


A fireplace can bring a very relaxing and cozy setting to your home

Although if they are not properly taken care of they can cause major damage. When chimneys become clogged with debris and/or nests from animals it can cause some serious issues. Not only does the smoke then become trapped in the chimney, it can also cause a fire to happen which could turn in to a house fire if it isn’t caught in time. This is why it is so important to check your chimney and have it inspected.

In conclusion, a fireplace can bring a very inviting and comfortable feel to your home. When well taken care of it can be very relaxing and beautiful. So keep up on your maintenance and have it inspected! You wont regret it, but you may regret it if you don’t!

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