Fall Routine Home Maintenance | Cleaning Your Gutters!

Get your mind in the gutters!

Todays post is all about the importance of cleaning out your gutters, and keeping up on your routine gutter maintenance.

Before winter hits, make sure your gutters are clean, and free from any leaves/debris that may have collected throughout the year. Failing to do so could lead to roof leaks and/or water damage to the interior or exterior of you home. Your gutter system is very important to keep maintained.

The photo below is an example of what your gutters will look like when they need to be cleaned.

You will see that the gutters are filled with leaves and debris that have accumulated over time. If they are not cleaned properly, it could lead to damage to the roof or to the home itself. Also water that has been trapped can become stagnant, this is the perfect breeding grounds for insects and other small animals of which can also cause damage by getting in the walls of your home.



The next photo will show you an example of what your gutters should look like. When cleaned properly they will allow water to flow away from your home. Water isn’t able to pool up, or get trapped, and is also able to travel quickly away from your home.



Another great solution could be to add gutter protection. Gutter protection diverts leaves and debris away from your gutters. With gutter protection you will have little to no maintenance. So if cleaning your gutters makes you panic a little, this may be the perfect solution for you!


It is important to keep up on your gutter maintenance.

Contact your local contractor if you are unable to do the maintenance yourself. A contractor can insure that the maintenance gets done properly, and if there happens to be damage to your home already, a contractor will be able to detect it before the problem gets worse!


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