Fall Home Maintenance | Drafty Windows & Doors

When old man winter comes knocking! Drafty windows and doors can be a problem. When you have draft issues in your home, the energy efficiency of your home lowers significantly. This can make your heating bill go up quite a bit. Luckily though there are some easy fixes that we’re going to walk you through!

There are a few ways to check your windows to see if they are a bit drafty. One way to check your windows is to do the ” dollar trick “. Open your window and place a dollar bill half way under the glass panel and the sill. Then close the window and try to pull the dollar out. If the dollar comes out with ease then your windows are most likely a little drafty. If the dollar is hard to pull out or catches as you try to pull it through, your windows probably close pretty tight. Another way to check your windows for drafts is to walk around your home on a windy day. Listen for whistling or anything that sounds like wind trying to come through a crack. You may be able to feel the air as well, if your windows are quite drafty.


In the winter, your front door is the portal between the frosty bitter cold and the cozy warm of the inside. When poorly sealed it allows that cold to get inside, and really who wants that? A great way to tell if your door is drafty is to light a candle and hold it in front of the cracks of your door that should be sealed. If the flame moves quite a bit, your door may be pretty drafty.

A simple solution to drafty windows and doors is to walk through your home and reseal them. One issue you could run in to is that resealing them doesn’t seem to help the issue. In which case you would then want to call a professional and look in to having them replaced. Another problem could be that the drafts aren’t coming from your windows and doors. You can do a walk through of your home and look for cracks in the drywall and also check electrical outlets. Seal any cracks, and insulate any electrical outlets that seem to be drafty. Call a professional if you aren’t comfortable checking these things on your own. They will be able to give your their professional advice and let you know what steps you need to take to fix the issues at hand!


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