If you have questions or want to learn more about our Home Maintenance Plan, please read our FAQs.


What is included in the RM Property Solutions Home Maintenance Plan?

After our thorough assessment of your home has been completed, we will create an inventory report of all your systems, appliances, brands, etc. The assessment is then used to develop your home's extensive quarterly maintenance checklist. That checklist will provide you with the routine and seasonal maintenance tasks you can expect to be performed during our technicians' four visits per year.

Each 3 - 4 hour quarterly visit will include routine tasks like changing light bulbs, tightening door knobs or cabinet handles, cleaning garbage disposal, etc. along with seasonal tasks like cleaning/realigning gutters, changing furnace filters, installing window screens, inspecting/trimming branches in contact with your house and more! If any time remains once the routine and seasonal work is done, our technicians will be happy to take care of some simple, special requests like hanging pictures/mirrors, replacement installation of a fixture like a ceiling fan and more.

Our maintenance plans are designed to help you maintain your home from top-to-bottom and inside-and-out!

If you've taken advantage of our Annual Home Maintenance Plan, you'll also enjoy three (3) hours of handyman services for FREE! You can use all three hours at once or break them up during your four quarterly visits per year.

Who is the Home Maintenance Plan created for?

Our Home Maintenance Plan has been developed for all of life's stages and situations.

Busy Professionals who do not have the time to take care of home maintenance tasks and prefer to turn over their "to-do" list to a trusted and qualified provider.

Seniors/Retirees who may be unable to continue taking care of the necessary home maintenance tasks themselves. Turning over their maintenance tasks to RM Property Solutions is a great option to ensure that inspections and maintenance happen on a regular schedule.

In many cases, children of seniors/retirees have purchased a home maintenance plan for their parents to make sure routine maintenance tasks are taken care of. Especially if the children live a distance away or are busy professionals themselves.

Single Parents already wear several hats and and simply do not have the time to maintain their home along with all of their other responsibilities. Turning these tasks over to a dependable and trusted home maintenance service provider removes a lot of tasks off of their already long to-do list!

Individuals with Multiple Homes rely on RM Property Solutions to ensure their properties are being regularly inspected and maintained.

Why do I need a Home Maintenance Plan when I can simply repair problems as needed?

It's a well-known fact that performing regular home inspection and maintenance is many times more cost effective than paying to repair or replace one of your home's systems. Skipping home maintenance or letting what seems to be a small problem go for awhile could end up causing further damage and cost you thousands of dollars for repair! RM Property Solutions' Home Maintenance Plan will get your home maintenance tasks scheduled to happen at the right time, during the right season and on a regular basis ultimately helping you to keep your home in great condition, at top market value as well as energy efficient!

What happens if I need some major repair work done? Who will do the work?

While our technicians can take care of small repairs during their quarterly visits, if a larger or more extensive repair is identified we will document the problem and provide you with a project repair estimate. Our goal at RM Property Solutions is to provide you with all of the services you need, however, if there's a repair or project we can't handle, we will provide you with a list of trusted service providers.

Do I need a home maintenance plan if I just built or bought a new home?

Regardless if you own a brand new home or an older one, our Home Maintenance Plan protects your investment and helps you to keep your home at top value. Quarterly inspections also help reduce deterioration or stop problems before they start, and hopefully prevent costly home repairs on down the line. A well maintained home will be more energy efficient which saves you money on your utility bills.

Do I need to be home for the quarterly service calls?

That's completely up to you! After your home assessment has been completed, we will sit down with you to create a quarterly maintenance schedule and set the appointment dates/times for our technicians to complete their service calls for the coming year. You can let us know at that time if you prefer to be home during the appointment or not. It's not unusual for our customers to provide us with a key or garage code so we can get in when they're not home. In addition to that, a RM Property Solutions’ Home Maintenance representative will contact you a few days prior to our scheduled appointment to remind you that we're coming.

What is considered an emergency for me to use the Preferred Customer Emergency Hotline?

If you've signed up for our annual maintenance plan, you're given Preferred Customer Status. The Preferred Customer Status gives you discounts on other RM Property Solutions services, three (3) hours FREE for handyman services and access to our Preferred Customer Emergency Hotline. We define an emergency this way - If your situation was left unattended for 12 hours and would cause further damage to your home, then it's an emergency. Please call us immediately!

Can I cancel my Home Maintenance Plan if I no longer want or need it?

We believe you're going to like our program so much that you'll wonder why it took so long to sign up for a Home Maintenance plan in the first place! We do understand there may be a reason that our service no longer works for you so we simply ask that you give us a 30-day notice of such a change.