Frozen Water Is Not A Pipe Dream

Frozen water is not a pipe dream!

As we start to transition into the fall/winter seasons pipe lines outside freezing becomes a pretty big issue. Especially the pipes outside that have excess water left in them. When the water freezes in those pipes, you run the risk of them busting the pipe and/or causing leaks.

When outdoor pipes freeze and water has been left in them, it creates a lot of pressure. About 2,000 lbs per square inch to be exact. The pressure happens because when the water freezes it starts to expand. This pressure can burst through just about any pipe. The problem with this is that once it has burst, its not very detectable. That is of course until you get your water bill back. This can cost quite a bit to fix as well.


The best advice for you would be to drain your water lines outside before temperatures drop down to the freezing point. This is the best way to ensure your lines don’t freeze and cause extensive damage.

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