Fall Home Maintenance | Don’t Give Your Roof a Raincheck

Don’t give your roof a raincheck!

Your roof is probably the most important piece of your homes puzzle. Keeping up with its maintenance is crucial because this is the first place weather will start to wear on your home.


The shingles on your roof are what stops leaks and directs water and snow to your gutters.

When shingles have lifted/curled, or have been blown off, your roof can start to leak. When this happens, it becomes a much more serious issue. Once water starts to set in, damage to wood and also interior will eventually wear down your home. Also water collected in wood will attract insects such as termites and ants. In conclusion, before winter hits make sure to inspect your shingles to ensure none are missing or lifted. If this has occurred, call a contractor to take a look, and repair the issues at hand.

This brings us too the next step of inspection which is making sure your home is properly ventilated. Which will help the longevity of the shingles.

Next is making sure your chimney is properly flashed.

Chimney flashing prevents water from being able to leak between the cracks where your chimney and roof meet. Usually chimney flashing is metal and it diverts rain and snow from these cracks. When properly done, chimney flashing will be completely sealed and water tight. It is important that chimney flashing gets done correctly. We suggest getting this inspected by a professional to ensure repairs are done right and all cracks are sealed!

Finally, make sure all leaves and debris are cleared from your roof.

Leaves and debris that have collected can hold water. Water and/or snow that is held and not able to make it to your gutter system can cause leaks. Heavy spots on your roof can also cause it to sag which can lead to many issues as well. So make sure leaves and debris have been cleared before winter, and keep up on you roof’s maintenance!

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