Affordable Home Maintenance Plans

RMPS Maintenance To-Do List
We can help you get out from under your burdensome home maintenance to-do list!

At RM Property Solutions we understand how hard it can be to maintain your home. If you're busy with work, kids and/or other responsibilities, it leaves you with little time to keep up on routine maintenance tasks like cleaning your gutters, changing furnace filters or inspecting your roof or attic for leaks. If you're now retired, you may have the time for some tasks but not the tools you need. And, what about the experience needed for more complex tasks?

What if you could hire a professional home maintenance service provider to take care of routine and seasonal maintenance for you?

RM Property Solutions - Your Professional Home Maintenance Solution

We offer personalized Home Maintenance Plans based on the size of your home and your needs. We’ll start with a complete assessment of your home and create a quarterly home maintenance schedule customized specifically for you. Here are some of the routine and seasonal services you can expect with your Home Maintenance Plan.

Spring Summer Fall Winter
Clean gutters / Re-align as needed Inspect/Trim branches in contact w/ House Clean gutters / Re-align as needed Check Smoke Detectors, Carbon Monoxide Detectors, & Fire Extinguishers
Operate all Windows/Doors Service Garage Door Change Furnace Filter Replace Drinking Water Filter
Turn on Exterior Water / Attach Hoses Replace Garage Door Opener Batteries Inspect /Re-Caulk Tubs, Showers Clean / Sharpen Garbage Disposal
Inspect Attic for Leaks/Animals Clean Dryer Vent Inside & Out Install Storm Windows, Remove Screens Add Freshener to Refrigerator
Change Batteries in Smoke Detectors/CO/Thermostat Inspect Crawl space for Water Damage, Missing Insulation Inspect / Replace Window & Door Weatherstripping Inspect / Clean Faucet Aerators
Install Windows / Door Screens Clean Refrigerator Coils Reverse Ceiling Fans Lubricate Squeaky Doors / Hinges
Inspect Roof for Damaged Shingles, Flashing, Vents Change Furnace Filters Turn off Exterior Water / Store Hoses Clean Dryer Vent Inside & Out
Change Furnace Filters Replace Drinking Water Filter Cover House attic Fan Inspect / Clean drains
Reverse ceiling fans Inspect / Repair Toilets Clean HVAC Return Vents Clean Refrigerator Coils
Operate attic ventilation Fan Inspect all shut off valves for leaks Change Batteries in Smoke Detectors/CO/Thermostat Operate / clean bath exhaust fans
Complete inspection of home exterior Check all drains / plumbing for leaks Inspect Roof for damaged shingles, flashing, vents, etc. Thorough inspection of Interior of Home

Home Maintenance Packages

Our home maintenance packages are based on the livable square footage of your home. The more square footage you have, the more there is for us to inspect and service each quarter. For more detailed information regarding our home maintenance plans, please read our FAQs.

Call (937) 552-9275 or submit our contact form to schedule a FREE home assessment now.

The final home maintenance package price will be based on the assessment of your home. If you have a home that's larger than 3,500 SF and you're interested in a home maintenance plan, please submit our contact form and indicate your home's square footage in the comment area.

Benefits of a Home Maintenance Plan

Enjoy your Free Time doing what you want to do rather than working on your home maintenance check list! Throw that to-do list away! Plus...

Keep Your Home at Top Value: Seasonal inspection/maintenance helps to eliminate deterioration or stop problems before they start, helping to keep your home at top value!

Experience Fewer Home Repairs: Maintaining your home regularly helps to prevent costly home repairs on down the line.

Save $ with Energy Efficiency: A well maintained home will be more energy efficient saving you money on your utility bills.

Peace of Mind: RM Property Solutions will have your home maintenance tasks scheduled to happen at the right time, during the right season and on a regular schedule giving you peace of mind!.