From Old Concrete Patio to New Composite Deck

Recently we helped a customer update their old concrete patio with a new composite deck.

They contacted us looking for suggestions on how to modernize and make their patio more maintenance free. By constructing a new composite deck, we were able to help them. In addition, a rotten beam was replaced and covered with PVC coated metal. Then four new fiberglass columns were installed.



Old concrete slab porch RM Property Solutions
Before: Home owners wanted to update their old, cracked concrete patio and create a more inviting setting.


First a proper foundation had to be created for the deck to be built on. This was achieved by digging and pouring new concrete footings to support the deck as well as the existing roof structure.  

Once the new deck was constructed and the beam replaced, the next task was to install the new 6″ fiberglass columns.

Lastly, we affixed a new gutter/drainage system and replaced the old siding with new! Giving it an updated and fresh new look for an outdoor patio/deck! Look at how a few minor changes can make something old look new again! The home owner was very happy with the way it turned out. What a fun project!


New Composite Deck and Gutter System RM Property Solutions
After: A few minor changes make this outdoor living space look new again.

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