Exhaust Fan Importance in a Bathroom

Why is it important to have an exhaust fan in your bathroom?

An exhaust fan is the best preventative measure you can take to insure your bathroom does not start to grow mold on the ceiling. It also insures your bathroom doesn’t acquire a musty odor. Bathrooms are typically the smallest rooms in your home and are usually the most humid. Which is why it is important that the air in your bathroom stays as clear and dehumidified as possible. Warm, wet spaces are the perfect breeding grounds for mold. As the air and steam start to rise in your bathroom, it collects on your ceiling. This is what causes the mold to start growing.

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Fall Home Maintenance | Don’t Give Your Roof a Raincheck

Don’t give your roof a raincheck!

Your roof is probably the most important piece of your homes puzzle. Keeping up with its maintenance is crucial because this is the first place weather will start to wear on your home.


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